Southern Comfort Home Improvements and Maintenance employees

Kim Ferch, Office Manager

Kim Ferch is our Office Manager.  As such, she answers the phone, schedules estimates and coordinates all our maintenance services which includes lawn services, gutter cleaning, power washing, roof cleaning and window cleaning. 

She also schedules our subcontractors to provide auxiliary services for our customers like dryer and chimney vent cleaning and irrigation repairs. From time to time, she will even help Darlene acquire bids from subcontractors and schedule and confirm subcontractors for specific jobs. 

There are so many good things we could say about Kim.  For instance, if you have to give Kim a phone call,  you will always get a pleasant, soothing and kind voice on the other end of the phone. Even on her worst day, you’d never know it.  

Since our company provides maintenance services to nearly 50 to 60 customers each week, she must be organized and detail –oriented and organized she is!  Kim keeps meticulous records.  Within minutes she can tell any customer when their last service was or when their next one is due.  What makes our company so special is that our maintenance customers have a responsive go-to person whom they can easily communicate with regarding their services.  With a quick phone call or email they can request special attention to a particular aspect of their yard service and they know from experience, that it will most definitely be conveyed to Charles (our crew leader) so that immediate action can be taken.  Kim is not just our employee, but is she also a dear friend of many many years.