A Few Words About Us

Southern Comfort Home Improvements & Maintenance Inc. was established in 2001. It is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Jeff and Darlene Strong.

We pride ourselves on our fine workmanship and excellent customer service. We show up for our appointments and keep our commitments. Unlike most construction companies, this company has a woman at the helm. Unlike our competitors, we don't begin a job and then return days or weeks later to finish. We don't leave a job until it's finished. If you would like to read about how our customers feel about our work, please go to the testimonial page.

We are licensed in the state of Florida as a certified building contractor. We specialize mostly in home repairs, home maintenance and kitchen/bathroom remodels. In addition to our own staff of eleven employees, we have a great crew of subcontractors that we have worked with for years. If you need tile work, a chimney sweep, tile and carpet steam cleaning, hardwood flooring, new carpet, a custom home theatre system, plastering, cabinets or countertops and so on...we can do that too! When it comes to the standard of service and quality of work we expect from our own staff and subcontractors, the bar is set high and they consistently meet our expectations and those of our customers. We're proud to have them on our team.

We also have a maintenance division. Within this division, we provide gutter cleaning, power washing, window cleaning, and interior “spring” cleanings. We offer a very special program to homeowners. We call it our “Home Maintenance Service Agreement".

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Goal Is To Be The “One Company That Does It All!”

Not only do we offer a wide range of home maintenance and improvement services, our customers love our work and they keep coming back. Please, take a SHOT with SOUTHERN COMFORT…We promise to leave you in GOOD SPIRITS!

We Keep Our Commitments.

We keep our appoiontments. We keep our commitments. It is that simple. In these days when promises and commitments seem to be so easily broken, we subscribe to a completely different view. Our word is our bond.

Customers Love Our Work.

Our customers consistently rate us highly for our work and service. We know that it is hard to understand how well we do until you have us do some work for you, so give us a shot. You will like what you get.

We Don't Leave a Job Until It's Finished.

Of course we have schedules and commitments. But our first job is to finish your job and the commitment we made to you. That is job 1. We do the whole job and clean up after ourselves leaving you with a project that is completed and ready to use.

Our Team

Southern Comfort Home Improvements and Maintenance employees

Jeff Strong


Southern Comfort Home Improvements and Maintenance employees

Kim Ferch

Office Manager

Southern Comfort Home Improvements and Maintenance employees

Ken Gallik

Project Coordinator