Darlene Strong, Owner

Prior to 2001 Darlene didn’t know the difference between a crescent wrench and allen wrench. Now, she holds a state certified building license and oversees the better part of the business.

When she shows up at customer’s home for the first time, they are sometimes taken back to see a woman. To their surprise, they are pleased to talk with her not only because does she knows her stuff, but she is also willing to patiently walk them through the process of the project, step-by-step; carefully explaining the pros and cons and costs for their options. When asked, she will even help them with the minutest details down to the color of paint to select.

If you need an estimate or want to schedule a job, she is the go‐to person. Darlene is the primary contact for all home repair and improvement projects, small and big. Unlike some larger home improvement companies, customers communicate directly with the owner and this gives them a sense of security and calm. If something goes wrong, and sometimes it does, they know that Darlene answers her phone and if they do, by chance, get a voicemail, they know for an equal certainty that their call will be returned as promised, “PROMPTLY!” One thing she is known for is her quick responses. If she meets with a customer on Monday, they normally can expect a written estimate emailed to them on Tuesday.

She is an excellent communicator, also very important in this industry. She always keeps her customers in the loop. If there is an adjustment in the scope of work that will either create a delay in completing the project or will cost the customer more money, she informs the customer right way before they even have to ask.

She also runs a tight ship when it comes to the employees and subcontractors. Have you ever gotten irritated waiting on a workman to show up? They say they’ll be there at 9:00 and an hour later you’re wondering “are they coming”? Darlene doesn’t put up with that nonsense. Her employees are required to be on‐time to each and every job. If they are going to be late even by just 10 minutes, they are expected to call the customer and update them on their ETA. Good manners are a hallmark of this company and Darlene makes sure that the employees and subcontractors live up to that tradition.

Darlene and her husband Jeff make a great team! Between their brains, brawn, love for the work and for one another‐ they can’t be beat.