Southern Comfort Home Improvements and Maintenance employees

Jeff Strong, Owner

When Jeff started out in this business in 2001, he had an S‐10 pickup truck with his table saw strapped to the tail gate. Now, he has a mobile shop with his walk‐in box truck. If any of the employees need a tool or a plumbing part, Jeff’s truck is affectionately referred to as “the mobile Home Depot store.”

Due to his great workmanship and professionalism, within in just two years of establishing the business, we needed to hire a second guy to help meet the demand. Now we have 11 employees and in large part, the success of the business can be attributed to the excellent reputation he created for our company so many years ago.

Jeff also has a special set of skills. In Orlando, he managed a multi‐million dollar window cleaning business. He is an expert in high‐rise window washing and power washing. For the benefit of our employees, he has trained our guys how to traverse ladders and roofs, and use safety harnesses when necessary. We can boast that we have never had a job‐related injury caused by a fall.

What makes Jeff such a great guy to work with is his kindness and mild‐mannered disposition. If you’ve ever had the occasion to talk to Jeff, you’ll appreciate this right away. He never gets upset or frustrated; definitely a good quality to have in this industry! As his wife (who is writing this) I can tell you, he is a gem to have around!