Southern Comfort Home Improvements and Maintenance employees

Travis Kamer and Son Travis, Painting Team

We like to refer to this dynamic duo as “Travis and Son.”  They have been our resident painters for almost 10 years now.  If you need top-notch quality painters then look no more!  These guys really know how to put the paint on.

They meticulously cut in and can transfer a lifeless, drab wall or home into a beautiful work of art with their own paint brush, roller and paint.  They only use good quality paint from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.  Unlike some painters, they are clean and neat.  They get the paint on the walls, NOT on the floors and furniture!   If you haven’t used our painting services, we invite you to do so.  With years of satisfied customers, we can proudly say that if you utilize our painting services expect to be wowed by  their “can-do” attitude and the excellent workmanship these fellows provide.  What nice guys to have on our team!